COVID-19 Scammers Duping Homeowners Who Need Help

Dated: 04/14/2020

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Hey, Everybody! How are you? This is Tony Fuentes once again and I know that we're all feeling nervous about what we're all going through and it's a scary situation. This is the first time all of us have been through a pandemic, but this isn't the only thing we have to be wary of.

We have to watch out for Scammers, too! An article that I read alerted me to scammers who are trying to dupe homeowners who need help at this moment of time. You know there are a lot of people out there that aren't working and they're unable to pay their mortgage. Scammers are taking advantage of this.

The President has signed disaster relief acts and most of the banks and mortgage lenders can do what's called a  forbearance, where the homeowner is allowed to miss a few payments and pay those back the end of their mortgage.

Each bank has the choice of what system they want to use, including how many months they want to give you or when they want you to pay it back. Most people are still confused about how this works because there hasn’t been a lot of information. This is where the Scammers come in.


What the Scammers are doing is they're calling people directly and telling them that they can help. They’re saying that you can miss two or three payments and that they will set this up for you. Then they get all your information and use it (and your identity) fraudulently. The truth of these relief methods is that the only way you can get this help is by you calling the bank.


Call for help. Get your mortgage statement and look for the phone number and you call yourself and say to them. “Please. I cannot make these payments now because of the pandemic. How can you help me?”

Your mortgage lender will direct you to the information you need to get help. If you have any questions about this, feel free to give us a call!

The Fuentes Team


We're here to help you.

I hope to talk to you soon and be careful! ~Tony

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