Life Hacks for Updating the Living Room in Central Florida!

Dated: June 25 2018

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Life Hacks for Updating the Living Room in Central Florida!

Updating doesn’t always have to be hiring a contractor and months with the sounds of hammers and saws. There are ways to bring our creativity and personal ingenuity to redoing a space that is tired and needs some new life breathed into it. Here are four areas in the living room we can focus our attention in simple ways to achieve a fresh design.

Facelift the furniture:

            Sometimes all our worn out pieces need is a little love and updating to breathe new life into them. There are several techniques you could look into for your couches, end tables, hutches, bookshelves and cabinets. One thing to do is reupholster the couch or that vintage chair you love. Try luxurious velvet upholstery for an antique and lavish design. Incorporate nail head detail for a textured addition to your tables or entertainment center.

Revamp the windows:

            We often gravitate towards homes and spaces with lots of windows and light. But this is a great area to introduce design as well and frame the living room for the desired affect. Replacing curtain rods or hardware is an inexpensive way to embellish the window treatments you already have in place, but of course updating curtains or blinds sheds new light on the space as well.

Repurpose pieces:

            Taking an old beat up wooden ladder and creating a bookshelf is a great example of repurposing an item to make an interesting focal point. What about that old chest from your grandmother? Could that make a neat antique coffee table? Are those weathered shutters or closet doors you found at the flea market just sitting around waiting to be made into a room divider or even an artistic way to hang paintings or photos? And you can think about this on a small scale too. What old silver dishes or odds-n-ends heirlooms and knick-knacks can be used as vases, planters, or lovely containers to display shells, crystals, or other mementos?

Deck out the wall and ceiling:

            Want a way to add interest, charm, and dimension? Try wainscoting or crown molding for a bit more intensive addition. If you want another bigger project, look into adding a rustic wood beam or two or creating a coffered look with recessed lighting included. Dip your toes in wallpaper (or do the whole wall) by putting a favorite pattern in a large picture frame as a decoration but also as a way to slowly introduce it to your home.

There are so many little, and others not so little, ways to get creative in our renovations and updates. The important part is no matter how simple or complicated, our upgrades and décor should speak about us and our families, our passions and personalities, and be a place that truly welcomes us home each day.

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