Seal the Deal: Making an Offer on Your Dream Home in Orlando!

Dated: 06/25/2018

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Seal the Deal: Making an Offer on Your Dream Home in Orlando!

Need some prepping to get ready to make an offer on that house you love? Here are the steps to follow to be proactive, prepared and professional.

Do the Research!

            Find out everything about the housing market in your area. That house you love? Look at what comparable houses go for. Look at what year the current seller bought the house and at what price? Do a detailed review of all the information on the home and what issues you may uncover after purchasing.  

Get approved!

            Don’t wait to find a bank and take out a mortgage. Do this before you even start looking so you are ready to make an offer if you find that diamond in the ruff. This shows initiative and demonstrates you are serious about the offer you put down. The sellers will be more apt to go with an offer that has the financial backing already in place over a handshake without the capital behind it.

Find a Realtor!

            Do some research to find a trustworthy and experienced real estate agent in your area. Your realtor will be invaluable with the knowledge they possess of the market, the neighborhoods, school districts, and potential homes that fit your wish list and budget. Your real estate agent will also be a negotiating force to ensure you get the best possible investment when the time comes.

Know your legal rights!

            Perhaps consider talking with not only a Realtor, but also a real estate attorney. The real estate attorney will be able to assist in protecting you and your interests and aid in navigating the legal jargon. You’ll want to know if there’s a Purchase Agreement in play and read through that carefully and thoroughly. This is the document that includes all pertinent details about moving forward with a purchase. The Purchase Agreement is also the place where you as the buyer can add contingencies. The contingencies can include a home inspection to be completed prior to purchase. The biggest thing to stress here is to know what you are signing fully. So if there’s something you’re not clear on, or aren’t sure if it’s the best option for you, ask! Ask your realtor or real estate attorney.


Hopefully, as you move forward in purchasing a home, these steps will allow you to feel better prepared and equipped with the knowledge you need to make a wise investment and get the best price possible!

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