What’s the neighborhood really like? Questions to ask!

Dated: 06/05/2018

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What’s the neighborhood really like? Questions to ask!

Are you getting ready for the house-hunting extravaganza to begin? While there are so many aspects to home-buying that are taking your thoughts and energy right now, there’s another one to consider: the neighborhood. And not just what you can see driving through and how nice everyone’s lawns are kept or unkept. Spend some time diving into the reality of your neighborhood of choice and ask some deeper questions.

What are the schools like?

            Find out from neighbors the pros and cons of the schools in that district. Spend time researching on your own, of course, because you know what’s really important for you in a school. But finding out from fellow parents what the upsides and downsides are will help you determine if this neighborhood offers you the school opportunities you want for your children.

What is the overall atmosphere of this area?

            Ask about block parties, BBQs, and community events to get an understanding of the vibe of this area. Does everyone keep to themselves mostly? Is it very inclusive of new people? Are there community events to get involved with and meet your neighbors?

How safe is this neighborhood?

            You could ask neighbors about a watch, if there is one. You could also ask how safe they feel walking the dogs in the evening or letting their older kids go outside to ride bikes around the streets and paths. Get an idea for how busy the streets are, if parents keep their kids contained to backyards or indoors, and how many neighbors stress the importance of a home security system.

What’s this particular home’s history?

            Asking neighbors to gossip about the neighborhood is usually an easy task. And you’re not asking them to rat out anything about the sellers but just the home itself that you’re interested in. Have there been major renovations done recently? Any sewage problems of late? What else can you find out about that home? You might be surprised at what the neighbors pick up on in their community.


While delving into the house search, spend some time with these questions about the neighborhood. The environment you live in is only as good as the surroundings of the home as well as the house itself. So don’t neglect this area!!

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